Red Pvc Leather knit wrist Knitted Cuff gloves


Red Pvc Leather  knit wrist Knitted Cuff gloves

How to choose the right gloves for yourself

These fine neural networks allow us to perceive cold, heat, pain, etc. in a few microseconds, and even feel the vibrations that are as small as the hairline. From the day of the birth of the person, the hand has not stopped the activity, and by the end of life, the hand can move an average of 250 million times. However, we often overlook the importance of the hand and neglect the proper protection of it, so that hand injury accidents account for 20% of all types of work-related accidents. This shows that the correct selection and use of protective equipment is necessary. The hand protection hand is one of the most delicate and dense organs in the human body. It consists of 27 bones, which accounts for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and the distribution and organization of muscles, blood vessels and nerves are extremely surprisingly complex. Only the length of the capillary per square centimeter on the fingertip can reach several meters. There are thousands of ends.

Hand injury type Hand injury type can be divided into 3 categories from a large aspect.

Trauma trauma This type of hand injury is caused by mechanical damage to bones, muscles or tissues and structures, from severe broken fingers and fractures to mild skin injuries. If you use a tool with sharp parts, manipulating some large machines or instruments with knives, tips, etc., will cause hand cuts, etc. Handling, using spindles, nails, screwdrivers, chisels, wires, etc. will stab the hand; When you roll it into the machine, you can sprain, crush, or even roll your fingers.

Contact dermatitis This type of damage is mainly caused by the damage of the skin of the opponent. Light, causing dry skin, peeling, itching, severe redness, blisters, herpes, scarring and so on. The cause of such injuries is long-term exposure to acid, alkali aqueous solutions, detergents, disinfectants, etc., or exposure to more toxic chemical and biological substances, suffering from electric shock, low temperature frostbite, high temperature burns, flame burns, etc.

Long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools such as arm shake syndrome and white finger syndrome, such as chainsaws, rock drills, electric hammers, pneumatic picks, etc., can cause such injuries. When the hand vibrates with the tool for a long time, it will also cause damage to the blood circulation system, and white finger syndrome occurs. This is especially true in wet and cold environments. Due to poor blood circulation, the hands become pale, numb, and the like. If you hurt the sensory nerves, your hand's sensitivity to temperature will decrease, the touch will fail, and even permanent numbness will result. Glove materials are available for different hazards in the working environment. Different types of gloves can be selected, such as chemical resistant gloves, insulated gloves for electrical hazards, high and low temperature gloves for high and low temperature operations, and cutting operations. Cut-resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves for vibration work, etc.

The material of the glove determines the protective performance of the glove and is the basis for glove selection.

Red Pvc Leather  knit wrist Knitted Cuff gloves

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